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Sharna's career pathway in real estate demonstrates the determination, focus and careful planning she employs to achieve a considered outcome. After refining her skills in the Property Management department at Verv Property, Sharna has decided to expand her knowledge of the Canberra real estate market with a move into sales. After working with Jason Roses as his Sales Associate, she has since moved into Sales as an Agent herself.She's learnt throughout her career that one of the keys to happiness is loving what you do. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to manage different facets of real estate and offer her clients guidance and support. It's the most rewarding and satisfying feeling to help others and a sense that's fuelled her passion for the industry throughout her career.Sharna wanted to join a company that she felt passionate about with a forward-thinking approach. She believes that Verv Property is the perfect fit due to its quality of customer service, great culture and company values which are in line with her own.

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