About Louise Calabria

Authentic, genuine, and kind. Louise loves connecting with people and learning about the stories that have helped shape their lives. If you ask Louise what drives her, it's the 'real life' aspect of our industry, assisting tenants in finding a house they can turn into their home and then playing a part in the owner and tenant relationship.
Hailing from Griffith, NSW, her country town roots and values merge perfectly with our own at Verv Property.
Our landlords are in the best possible hands with Louise's people-centred and passionate approach to uncovering quality tenants who genuinely care for our investors' properties. With almost four years experience in Real Estate, this leads to low rental arrears, delighted clients, and mutually beneficial business relationships.
When Louise isn't working, you'll find her exploring her beloved new home of Canberra with her daughters and Partner.

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