About Kyra Russell

With a knack for fostering meaningful connections, a unique blend of expertise and charisma and a passion for the art of conversation, Kyra thrives on engaging with clients, understanding their needs, and crafting tailored solutions that exceed expectations.
Outside the office, you’ll often find her indulging her love for animals or (attempting to) develop her skills on the pickleball court, I know, it sounds weird but the game that is a mix between tennis, table tennis and badminton is really enjoyable, and quite addictive!
These passions not only enrich her life but also fuel her ability to connect with clients on a deeper level, understanding everyone’s unique lifestyle and personal preferences.
A firm believer in the power of genuine human connection, Kyra approaches every interaction with authenticity and empathy. Whether discussing market trends over coffee or sharing stories of buying and renting triumphs, she prioritises building relationships that extend far beyond business transactions.
Let Kyra join you on your journey as you navigate the exciting world of real estate together, one conversation at a time. Let’s turn your dreams into reality.

Kyra Russell Leased